Grammar Day – What?, When?, Why?

4th March has been designated Grammar Day and is therefore a day created for everyone to celebrate sentence structure and punctuation.

To mark the day and make what can seem a very dull subject a bit more fun, we’ve created a short, 10-minute quiz for parents and students to compete head-to-head on. The idea is to help parents see that they actually know more grammar than they think they do, as well as to allow the children – who are much more highly aware of grammar terminology – a true chance to shine.

So, if you know adults who think they don’t know a co-ordinating conjunction from a subordinating one, who wouldn’t know a fronted adverbial if they saw one, this is just the quiz to enlighten them. They may well realise that they’ve been using these language tools all along without having put a name to them.

The questions themselves have been taken from a recent Grammar SATs paper.

Are you ready? Here goes!

Answers are given at the very end … but no peeking!

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