Greetings from the sales room – Diary of an intern


Day number four arrives – for what I thought would be another day in the marketing pod – but as it happens, they have had enough of me and sent me to the sales room with Kirsty Fuller for the day! The sales room proved to be quite different; desks filled with cakes, confetti, banners and sweets being a significant difference!

With Kirsty I was briefed on all the of the packs and letters sent out to schools along with creating new accounts, setting up free trials and general queries. To conclude the day, I was introduced to ‘Frank’ – a major hit in – I then spent the rest of the day franking mail ready to be sent off by 3.45pm for the mail man to collect the post. Franking was undoubtedly the highlight of my day at!

Also, a new activitiy has been released/updated! More of that to follow in my last installment of the diary of an intern!