Greyfriars Primary School & the Computing Module

We’ve been in touch with one of our Hub Schools, Greyfriars Primary School, recently, who told us all about how they make fantastic use of EducationCity’s Computing module in their classrooms!

“I have found the Computing area to be very useful.” Sarah Cook, Teacher and Computing Coordinator, Greyfriars Primary School

Sarah Cook, Teacher and Computing Co-ordinator at Greyfriars, told us all about how the Computing module is great in her classroom as it addresses all three strands of the curriculum: Computer Science, Information Technology and Digital Literacy. This has meant she can easily “design a programme of study that covers all areas”, helping her to meet those really important curriculum demands.

Sarah also spoke about the different ways children can learn on EducationCity and said this has been great because it helps her class to get a good understanding of important concepts. To get this understanding, Sarah recommends first setting students a Learn Screen, such as Sharing Online, and then following up with an Activity, such as Safe Surfing.

Top tip, Sarah!

What’s more, Sarah mentioned that she uses Activity Sheets for homework as these allow parents and carers to get more involved with students’ work and know what they’ve been learning in class.

To put this great advice into practice, get logged in to check out the Computing module, or to take a little look at what the Computing module has to offer, click here.

We’ve just released a brand new case study which focuses on Greyfriars Primary School making excellent use of EducationCity on tablet technology. Check it out here.