Guest Blog – Supports Honduras Orphanage Trip

My name is Louise and I work in Customer Services here at I have recently returned from a volunteering trip in Honduras where I worked in a school and orphanage. kindly provided me with £200 worth of educational supplies to donate to Ninos De La Luz (Children of the Light – school and orphanage) in order to improve the quality of their education.
The aim on this trip was mainly to teach English. I also taught Drama, Music and Arts and Crafts to encourage the children’s creativity – at the moment creative subjects are not on the school’s curriculum. We also liked to spend time with the children that stayed at the orphanage in the afternoon simply playing and interacting with the children, giving them one-to-one attention that the teachers simply weren’t able to give them.

Before my first visit in 2010 to Ninos De La Luz, the school had never owned a textbook! They had to copy everything down from a blackboard. In terms of resources available to the school they are severely lacking.           

Whilst teaching at the orphanage in 2010 I found that the children were not encouraged to be creative in any way again partly due to the lack of resources, but also a lack of understanding as to how this can be of benefit to the children. Due to this I decided to take resources for creative play such as sponges, pencils, stamp kits, finger puppet kits, masks, etc. The children also value simply being able to receive attention that they do not usually get due to not having parents so I also chose some items of free play such as bean bags and a parachute.                                           

The lessons went very well at the orphanage and it was great to be able to give them new experiences that they would not have had if we had not brought the supplies with us. The items that I brought were particularly useful on one day when the school was closed due to a hurricane warning (luckily this only materialised as a tropical storm). Because the school was closed the boys had to stay at the orphanage with nothing to do due to the weather being so bad. So out came the parachute, the bean bags, the sponge balls and we were able to spend the morning doing some free play which was enjoyed by children and teacher alike!    

Overall it was a trip of a lifetime and I would like to thank for making it even more special for the children at Ninos De La Luz!