Halloween Howlers – from frights in the night to creepy crawlies!!

The fright night of the year is crawling creepily closer and the EducationCity.com staff just love celebrating it! So far this week we have had a ghastly green grasshopper dessert (despite the name, this was delicious) and we have some fab examples of decorated desks (pictures to follow).Monster Mash Screen Shot


We would love to hear what you are doing with your class. If you need any suggestions inbetween carving your pumpkins and spooky stories, why not have a go at some of EducationCity.com’s activity ideas? 


Fright in the Night – Letters and Sounds (England , EYFS/NI, Foundation/ Scotland, Early/ Wales, Foundation)

Sleepy Crawlies – Maths  (England, Year4/ NI, P5/ Scotland, Second*/ Wales, Year 4)

Castillo Encantando – Spanish (England, Year 3/ NI, P4/ Scotland, First ***/ Wales, Level B)

Monster Mash – Maths (England, Year 5 & Y6/ Scotland,- Second *** & Second **/ NI, P7 & P6/ Wales, Year 6 & Year 5)

As a little *fun* extra if you roll-over ‘Maths’ in Year 7 England, Sten blows the candles out. That screen also has other *scary* antics on it depending on where you roll-over.

Infestigation – Science (England, Year 4/ NI, P5/ Scotland, First ***/ Wales, Year 4)


Lets get spooky!