Happy Bastille Day! – Answers

Hey there!

Last week, our puzzle involved Bastille Day. To celebrate it, we created a fun French-themed word game for you and you had to fill in the grid by using the clues which we provided. After finding the clues, you then had to figure out the word which would reveal a French delicacy.

It was tricky but here are the answers:

  1. Frogs’ LEGS are a delicacy to eat in France.
  2. The crescent shaped roll which is eaten for breakfast is a CROISSANT.
  3. A BAGUETTE is sometimes called a ‘French stick’.
  4. The capital of France is PARIS.
  5. A famous building in France which is 324m tall is the EIFFEL TOWER.
  6. The plural of ‘le’ in French is ‘LES’.

If you worked out all of these, you should have found that the word which would reveal a French delicacy was SNAILS!

Well done to Tagunov who worked out the correct answer!

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