Have fun with a Play Live Maths CHALLENGE!

Last week, the charity National Numeracy announced that Britain is struggling with poor numeracy and that millions of people are struggling to understand many day to day numeric things such as a payslip or a train timetable. Now, National Numeracy want to champion better Maths skills!

At EducationCity.com we feel in that in order to combat poor numeracy in children, engaging, fun and informative is the best way to help with mathematical learning. Therefore, Play Live Maths is ideal! 

Play Live Maths is an online challenge, played against up to three other players at the same time. It can be played against pupils from across the country, or within a school or a class. Test your pupils’ arithmetic skills against the clock and against other people across the UK. Challenge them to get the highest weekly score on the leaderboard!

Did you know if one person played all the Play Live Maths games back to back, it would take them over 9 years!

Play Live Maths is available in:

  • England: Year 1 onwards
  • Scotland: First* onwards
  • Wales: Year 1 onwards
  • Northern Ireland: P3 onwards

Why not have a Play Live challenge in your classroom today?