Have Fun with Sport Relief!

Hey Fan Club Buddies,

Do we have many sports fans in the Fan Club? Our gang love sports! So much so that they will be participating in this year’s Sport Relief 2012 which takes place on Friday 23rd March. Sport Relief encourage young people in schools to participate in doing sport, having fun and raising money so that everyone can do some good, feel good and change other people’s lives for the better! All the money raised goes to help people who are living incredibly tough lives both in the UK and in the world’s poorest countries.

So let your teacher know that you want to be active and help others by participating in Sport Relief 2012! Our gang can’t wait until Friday 23rd March as they know it is important to stay active and help others in the UK and around the world!

Have fun with this fantastic Sport Relief poster, which has two pictures of boys who live in Sierra Leone but who live very differently from each other. Download the poster to your computer by clicking on the below link!

By looking at both the images, what differences can you see?

Join in with the gang with Sport Relief fun!