Have You Heard About the New ThinkIts Yet?

Today though, we’re going to put all our attention to the new ThinkIts, and let you know what’s new with them and how they’ll help your school.

What Are ThinkIts?

Cross-curricular teacher-led tools developed to encourage critical thinking in the classroom, ThinkIts are designed to be used as a lesson warm-up or to elicit students’ higher order thinking skills.

What’s New About the ThinkIts?

  • Fresh, engaging design: ThinkIts now appear just as the other content does on EducationCity – this means it’s easy to view them and locate them again too.
  • Compatible with tablets: all the new ThinkIts have also been upgraded to HTML5 so they’re tablet-friendly.
  • Appear as question and answer PDFs: these tools now appear as separate question and answer PDFs and teachers can view both of these. However, students can only see question PDFs, which makes it really easy for you to manage what they’re seeing in lessons.


How Will ThinkIts Help My School?

  • Helps with students’ critical thinking: they’re great for encouraging your students to think critically as a class and explore a range of Fractions of Cake Maths ThinkItanswers.
  • Engages students in their learning: as they can be used flexibly, students can discuss and explore ThinkIts in either pairs, groups or even as a whole class.
  • Can be printed easily: all the ThinkIts are easily printed off for class use – they’re also a fantastic option for a ‘carousel’ or ‘round robin’ activity!


ThinkIts for You to Try…

Here are three ThinkIts for you to see. All you need to do to view them is type their ID numbers into Search!

Key Stage 1 (Science)

#14985: Sunny Days

Lower Key Stage 2 (Maths)

#13814: Fractions of Cake

Upper Key Stage 2 (English)

#29868: Fact or Fiction?


If you’d like to find out more info on the new ThinkIts, give us a call on +44 (0)1572 725080.

To see all the new upgrades, take a look at your Upgrade Summary.