Heard of the BBC’s Terrific Scientific Feet (Evolution & Inheritance) Investigation?

Your school might be taking part in them already or you may not have heard of them just yet, but either way, stay tuned, because we’ve pulled together some fantastic resources for Key Stage 2 you can use alongside the newest investigation on feet.

If you haven’t heard of the investigations just yet, we’ll give you a quick overview. The BBC have set up a range of fantastic investigations to get schools to take part in and get them even more involved with science. Investigations have taken place on trees, forces, time and exercise but their newest investigation, which is running from October to January is all about feet, as well as evolution and inheritance.

That’s why we’ve put together a range of resources including Learn Screens, Activities and ThinkIts for Key Stage 2, to go alongside the evolution and inheritance aspect of the investigation. They’re great for an additional resource to help you explore these areas in class and what’s more, the resources are really easy to find on EducationCity – just use Search to find them and type in the ID number. Simple!

Let’s take a look at the resources to support your lessons on evolution and inheritance…

Key Stage 2

Learn Screens

Reproduction: #25597 – Explore the keywords used when describing both plant and animal reproduction.

Cycles of Life: #14921 – Describing the differences in the life cycles of a mammal, an amphibian, an insect and a bird.Cycles of Life Science Activity

Grow Up: #25591 – Keywords used when describing the stages of human life.

All Changes: #14946 – See the basic changes in the stages of life as humans develop from birth to old age.

Animal Rescue: #12839 – An overview of adaptations of animals living in a range of environments.


Circle of Life: #22542 – Compare life cycles of mammals, amphibians, insects and birds.

Inheritance: #1664 – Some characteristics of living things are caused by environmental factors and some are passed from parent to child through genetic inheritance.

Born Identity: #25615 – Explore key words used when describing inheritance.

Creature Features: #13309 – Consider how animals and plants adapt and are suited to their habitat.


Changing humans: #15031 – In what ways do humans change as they get older?

Reproduction: #14173 – What would happen if plants and animals didn’t reproduce?Circle of Life Science Activity

Variation: #13936 – What kind of traits are we born with, and which are learned?

Organisms and environments: #14082 – In what ways do animals adapt to the environment in which they live?

Form and function: #14055 – Look at this duck’s feet. Why do you think they are formed in that way?

Word Search Topic Tool

Don’t forget about our Word Search Topic Tool either that can be used alongside the investigation. You can add the words you want to it to create a word-finding game for your students related to feet, evolution and inheritance, print it out and then give it out to do – perfect!

Word Search: #20720 – Create a word search with science keywords to print or complete on screen.

To see the resources, simply take a look at the video to see them in action. If you’d like to try out the resources on EducationCity but your school doesn’t have a subscription, just sign up to a free trial