Help with Preparing Your Students for the SATs

Recently, we asked our Education Lead, Pat Mainprize, about how teachers can help prepare their students for the SATs with EducationCity. Here is what he had to say:

We live in an era where testing and assessment have become a priority for schools. Primary schools will, if they haven’t already, be thinking about the SATs and how to prepare their students for the tests that, in the past two years, have become more difficult to the point where many adults would find the Key Stage 2 tests taxing.

Rather than asking students to plough through previous year or example papers, another option might be to give students activities that build on assessment in the form of questions that are posed in a similar way to those in the SATs. This way they get used to answering the required types of questions, but don’t have the feeling that they’re being tested.

To save time in finding activities like these, EducationCity has a range of Activities and Tests in English, Maths and Science, that address a range of skills needed for the tests, which have this form of assessment already built in, and which can even be enjoyable for children to complete.

Children need to be prepared, whilst this form of testing exists, but if we can reach a point where children are not ‘fazed’ by tests from using such resources as EducationCity and can still enjoy their education, then it must be a good thing.

To try out EducationCity’s Tests for yourself and see how they can help with SATs preparation, sign up for a free trial.