Helpful Hints: Curriculum Map

Today, we're going to be focusing on our handy Curriculum Map and how it can help you in your everyday teaching!

What's the Curriculum Map?

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The Curriculum Map is great for helping you find content on EducationCity that’s relevant to the area of the curriculum you’re teaching. 

On the map, each subject has its own colour and each content type has its own icon to help identify them quickly and easily. It’s also really handy because you can have more than one academic level, strand or objective open at one time for comparison purposes!

Why is the Curriculum Map great for my teaching?

  • Contains Helpful Info: the Curriculum Map contains curriculum objectives, reference numbers (where applicable) and links to all EducationCity content which meet these objectives.
  • Option to Export: the Curriculum Map is exportable meaning it can be easily integrated into your lesson planning.
  • Add Content to MyCity: by clicking on the ‘+’ to the right of a content item, you can add that piece of content to a MyCity – this makes it really simple to plan targeted content into your lessons!

Where can I find the Curriculum Map?

You can get to the Curriculum Map by:

  • Going to the Admin/Teacher Features menu on the left-hand side of the homepage
  • From the Admin/Teacher Features drop down menu at the top right of any page

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