Here Are Some Tips for Preparing Your Students for Tests

Let’s get started!

EducationCity’s Tests

There are Tests available in Maths, English and Science and they’re great for test preparation, with the types of questions that could be asked in Tests and the fact students are able to practise working in a timed environment.

If one of your students scores less than 100% on a Test, a personalised Revision Journal is generated, which includes a range of Activities and Learn Screens based on the answers scored incorrectly. This is brilliant for students to be able to focus on areas of improvement!

Focus on Certain Topics

You’ll probably have an idea of the areas that will be covered in the tests and the type of questions that may come up. This means you could create a plan, so you can cover any weaker topics with your students, so they are fully prepared.   

Download Sample Tests

Practising a sample test paper will help your students greatly. You may decide you want to go through it with them, getting them to read the text aloud and then talking through the questions, or work as part of a group to solve the answers, or even let them give it a go themselves, to see what they are capable of.

Take Time to Relax

Whilst preparing for any test is super important, it’s also best to make time to chill and take a break from the preparation, so pop the notes down and grab a bite to eat and drink.

The breaks will help maintain study performance and can increase students’ focus and help them better retain information.

If you have any test preparation tips you’d like to share with us, then please do get in touch on Twitter at @EducationCity.

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