Here’s Our October/November Release Content Update…

Whilst there’s a whole bunch of new content heading your way, we’ve asked our Education Team for their favourite pieces of content from this release and some ideas on how you could incorporate them in your teaching. Try the content out for yourself.

Simply click on the content piece titles below – we hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

EYFS English Activity

Paint Pals is an engaging activity for EYFS children that incorporates colours and shapes, whilst following simple instructions.” Kerry Wilkinson, Assistant Educational Content Developer

Paint Pals Activity

Paint Pals (#41725): Following instructions using drag and drop.

What else should I know about this activity?

Paint Pals is a playful listening activity for Early Years, involving a range of one and two-step instructions to follow. Reinforcing names for colour, size comparisons and drag and drop, this can be played on tablets and laptops, but works especially well with a whole class on an interactive whiteboard.

LKS2 English Video

The Bowl of Marland is one of our new video Learn Screens; it includes a playscript performed by a cast for LKS2.” Jane Wardle, Educational Content Developer

The Bowl of Marland Learn Screen

Bowl of Marland (#41897): Listen to and discuss a play script.

What else should I know about this video?

The Bowl of Marland is a year 4 comprehension Learn Screen shown in our new video format. It focuses on developing a positive attitude to reading and improving students’ understanding of what they read by listening to and discussing plays. We hope it will be a valuable asset to the teaching and learning of comprehension by presenting objective-specific content that is original and bespoke. There will also be content to cover, including fiction, poetry, plays, non-fiction and reference books or textbooks in LKS2. Look out for more original UKS2 video content to come, consolidating and discussing a wide range of texts.

UKS2 Maths Learn Screen

An Unfolding Mystery is a Learn Screen that will help UKS2 students to accurately visualise nets and their corresponding 3D shapes.” Debbie Barton, Educational Content Developer

An Unfolding Mystery Learn Screen

An Unfolding Mystery (#35590): An introduction to 2D nets and the 11 different nets of a cube.

What else should I know about this Learn Screen?

An Unfolding Mystery is structured to support an investigation into recognising the different nets of a cube.  With suitable points to pause and allow discussion, the cube animations demonstrate clearly how true cube nets fold, something which can be difficult to model to a whole class clearly.

Well that’s all for now from us. Please do send us photos on Twitter of your students using our top picks to @EducationCity. We’d love to see you using them in class!

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