Here’s Your Handy Back to School Pack for 2015!

The new academic year for Scotland is now under way and what better way to get back into the swing of things than to check out our really helpful Back to School Pack!

Full of handy resources such as certificates, stickers and name badges to get you prepared for the year ahead, our Back to School Pack is the best way to make sure you’ve got the perfect resources for your new school year.

Find out More About Your Students…

We’ve produced a handy Student Profile Worksheet so that you can get to know your students better, including what their favourite food and subject is.

Student Profile Worksheet (PDF Download)

Learn Your New Class’ Names

With a new class comes the need to learn lots of new names! To help you do this, we’ve created some great name badges which can easily be printed onto normal paper. You can choose from six…

My name is… (Chip)

My name is… (Klara)

My name is… (Manu)

My name is… (Meg)

My name is… (Sten)

My name is… (Stig)

Check out our excellent name badges which can be printed on circular sticky labels too (the diameter for these is 51mm)…

My name is… (Klara) (PDF Download)

My name is… (Stig) (PDF Download)

Reward Your Students with Awesome Stickers!

Want to reward your students? Well we’ve produced fantastic stickers to do just this, which you can print out on either normal paper or circular paper (the diameter for these is 50mm). There’s a whole range of stickers for different rewards!

Awesome Stuff (PDF Download)

Brilliant Drawing (PDF Download)

Excellent Work (PDF Download)

Great Homework (PDF Download)

Impressive Reading (PDF Download)

Lovely Manners (PDF Download)

Outstanding Performance (PDF Download)

Super Sitting (PDF Download)

Très Bien (PDF Download)

You are a Star (PDF Download)

Award Students with Certificates…

For things like good behaviour and excellent work, a certificate is the perfect way to award a student. What’s more, we’ve got a whole range of certificates for you to use…

Excellent Listening (PDF Download)

Outstanding Achievement (PDF Download)

Most Helpful (PDF Download)

Super Reader (PDF Download)

Plain (PDF Download)

Set Some Essential Classroom Rules

With the Classroom Rules sheet, you can fill in your own class’s rules and stick it up in your classroom! Why not even use it with your class to set some specific rules to follow throughout the year?

Classroom Rules (PDF Download)

Educational, Enjoyable Worksheets for Your Class

Want a fun, educational way to engage your students? Then use our worksheets which can be simply printed and used in the classroom. We’ve got one which deals with even and odd numbers and one to help learn about vowels and consonants. Take a look for yourself!

Colouring by Letters (PDF Download)

Colouring by Numbers (PDF Download)

Introduce Your New Class to EducationCity’s Characters…

Be sure to get your students familiar with EducationCity’s characters when they return to school! We’ve got some great character profiles on them all.







Enjoy your Back to School Pack of 2015 and the rest of the new academic year!

We’ll be sure to be checking in soon with you with a fantastic, exciting Back to School competition which your students can get involved with – just keep your eyes on the blog for more info!