Hilda in the spotlight – the girl with a creative flair

Hilda polaroid snapshot

Our German friend Hilda is a truly creative girl. She just loves anything to do with arts and crafts. Always resourceful, she likes to find ways to create sculptures out of recycled materials. Hilda’s not bothered about what people think of her and she plays on her individual and quirky character, always doing things her own way and carrying it with style. She's not interested in girly activities and instead prefers to get her hands dirty by doing things driven by her creative flair. 

Hilda is everyone’s friend, the sociable character is always pleasant with people she meets, going out of her way to make them feel as welcome as possible when in her company. What’s surprising about Hilda is her need of structure and organisation which balances her great imagination. She just can’t live without her diary and lists.

Hilda is great friends with Klara, Rosa and Emma and has a secret crush on Stig which she is too shy to share.