How MyCities Can Benefit Your Lesson Planning

We know that a school day can make a teacher’s schedule busy, which is why we wanted to tell you all about how our MyCity feature can save you time and benefit your lesson planning.

About MyCity…

MyCity allows you to plan lessons in advance and allocate, sequence and assign different content to specific students or groups within your class. A perfect way to achieve differentiated and targeted learning!

How can MyCity benefit my lesson planning?

It makes it quick to group lesson resources in one place

By using Add Content, you can add all the resources you want to a MyCity within just a few clicks. From Learn Screens to ThinkIts, the variety of content also means you can answer the needs of your students’ different learning styles. All you need to do is pick the content you want, see if it meets the objectives you want to cover and then add it to your MyCity.

You can sequence the resources you’re going to use

MyCity also benefits your lesson planning because it makes structured guided learning all the easier. When you have all the content you want in your MyCity, you just need to organise these into an order by dragging and dropping them into place and pressing the Sequence feature – fantastic for controlling the flow of lessons.

You can easily differentiate lessons with MyCity

You can simply create different MyCities and then allocate them to different students, which is perfect for mixed abilities, and makes differentiated learning easy for you.

Set homework MyCities easily for reinforced learning

MyCity also benefits your lesson planning because it makes setting homework really easy and quick. With MyCity, you can easily set homework and add all the content you need – it’s all at your fingertips – and this also means learning can be continued away from the classroom.

You can also track each student’s progress in the MyCity’s Tracking tab and SuccessTracker – every Activity and Test completed is marked automatically and the score is saved too. It makes seeing which students have started or completed their homework really easy, not to mention the marking too.

Need to find out more about MyCity? See our great MyCity snippet.

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