How Parents Can Help Boost Their Child’s Test Confidence

Test preparation is not only important at school, but also at home too. Sometimes, students may find it a little easier to prepare for their tests at home, where there’s little disruption, distractions and they are in the comfort of their own home.  

So with this in mind, we’re calling all parents!

We’ve got a few tips for parents to help them boost their child’s confidence before any test.

“I Did It” List

Reminiscing about past achievements can help boost a child’s motivation for success, so an idea you could try is to encourage your child to brainstorm a list of their triumphs and things they are proud of, however big or small. This may include winning a sports award, overcoming their fear of something, reading aloud in class, etc. Write them down, and encourage your child to review them at bedtime the week before the test – it’s a brilliant way to highlight all of your child’s strengths!

Plenty of Praise

Giving your child praise and positive feedback can support them massively, as they want their parents to be proud of their achievements. Reassurance is key! Let them know that it’s okay not to be able to do everything perfectly, it just takes practice and effort. They just need to try their best and prepare for the tests.

Lucky Charm

From lucky socks to a sixpence, we know what you might be thinking, but trust us, it’s not just superstition. If students carry some kind of lucky charm, this can actually build confidence, relieve anxiety and might help with their performance in the test. So, if your child doesn’t already have a lucky charm, then you could get them one for the big day.

We hoped you enjoyed our confidence boosting tips! If you have any you’d like to share with us, then please do get in touch with us on Twitter @EducationCity