How Schools Influence a Child’s Development

In fact, staff and teachers at school influence children in many ways, and are instrumental in their personal development. The way that teachers interact with children and how schools work to encourage students to interact positively with each other affects children’s development in many fantastic ways.

In this blog, we’ve taken a look at just some of the many ways teachers influence children.

Problem Solving

To start, when teachers teach and show children how to work out certain areas, they help children become brilliant problem solvers, which is a skill that will come in handy in nearly all personal aspects of their life. Not only this, they encourage children to find solutions too and this is also important for so many things they may face.

Social Development

School also plays a fantastic part in encouraging your child to interact positively with their other peers and teachers. These social and emotional skills they learn in class when they listen to others, or on the playground when they may be sharing equipment will come into play in their futures when they interact with other people.

Character Building

School also means we can develop our character and values, as our experiences at school help with developing certain traits such as compassion, respect, empathy, determination and integrity. This is important as it’s building our character that helps us with finding out who we are personally and academically, which can shape where we lead our lives.

Broadens the Mind

Being at school also gives us so many opportunities to broaden our mind and experience. At school, children can develop their viewpoint as they are introduced to many different people, cultures and traditions. They may also go on school trips and take on extra-curricular activities, which all help students with seeing what they like to do. The fact that children can get involved with chess club or computing club, even tennis club, can help develop their interests which is essential for decisions in later life.

Well it’s fair to say that basically, teachers, you are amazing!