How Technology Has Changed Primary Schools

Remember the days of just having desktop computers? Now schools have access to ICT suites and interactive whiteboards, not to mention tablets and laptops in their own trolleys being used for lessons on a daily basis.

Let’s delve further…

Interactive Learning

When students are working on a project, they’re much more likely to use the internet than a textbook for their research. Gathering information in this way is much faster and simpler.

Learning at Home

Students’ learning can more easily continue between school and home, and EducationCity’s Home Access allows students to do just that! Having this type of access is also a great way for parents to get involved in their child’s learning.

Saves Teachers Time on Marking and Assessment

Technology can also provide detailed reports of students’ progress, which saves you time marking.

EducationCity’s SuccessTracker provides feedback from Activities and Tests so you can check understanding during the lesson, and see whether anyone needs a little more help in certain areas.

Simple Lesson Planning

As well as all this, technology can also make lesson and homework planning quick and easy which is great for a teacher’s busy schedule.

MyCities on EducationCity allow teachers to plan lessons and homework, like Activities, worksheets and Learn Screens, in advance, and assign them to individuals or groups. Students’ progress can then be tracked with this brilliant time-saving feature!

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