How to Combat Summer Learning Loss with EducationCity

Let’s start with MyCity and why it’s perfect for helping you plan your lessons in advance just before the holidays…

MyCity allows you to quickly and easily group content and assign it to students.

You can add as many resources as you’d like and simply allocate them to different students or classes – great for differentiated learning!

What can my students access from home?

Home Access lets students access any homework you’ve set them in a MyCity out of school, so they can continue their learning throughout the holidays.

It enables parents to engage with their child’s learning so they are able to support them and see their achievements too – perfect for helping combat summer learning loss.

How can I track my students’ progress over the holidays?

Tracking your students’ progress over the holidays couldn’t be easier! We’ve a fab tracking tool called SuccessTracker, which allows you to track individual students’ scores.

Progress is automatically marked and saved, meaning it’s so much easier to identify your students’ strengths and weaknesses easily.

We’ve fab Maths and English Summer Holiday Resource Packs too! Download these for inspiration when setting your students’ homework over the holidays.

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