How to Develop a Positive Mindset Towards Tests

Although the test season is a little way off, we know that lots of you teachers will be getting prepared for the upcoming Key Stage 1 and 2 exams.

Here at EducationCity, we know that sometimes, for students, it can be stressful preparing for tests and the thought of them can be daunting. We probably want our students to go into their exams feeling prepared and with a positive mindset!

So, to help you with your test preparation, and to make sure you’re ready to encourage a positive mindset in your students from the early stages, we’ve put together some top tips so students can learn to become optimistic and motivated.

1. Focus on Your Best Times

To develop a positive mindset, it’s a good idea to get your students to think about the time they did really well in class. What about that time when Emma scored well in that maths activity? Remember when Sam got top marks in the spelling test? When your students think about the times they did really well, this should inspire confidence. Thinking like this before an exam will help to nurture positive mental habits and a sense of self-belief.

2. Remember the Preparation You’ve Done

Get your students to remember all the preparation they’ve done for the exam. How they’ve practised at home, how they’ve covered the topics in class… This is a great way of giving them self-assurance, not to mention increase feelings of control over nerves as the test approaches.

3. Think of Yourself

When students compare themselves to others, they can lose control of their confidence. This can cause added stress and negativity. It’d help to make sure they’re only focusing on themselves and what they can achieve. By concentrating on their own goals, they will increase their confidence and performance.

4. Take On the Challenge

If something is perceived as a threat (for example many students could view failure at their forthcoming maths test as a threat), it’s more likely to cause stress. A great way to go about an exam and to help develop a positive attitude is to get your students to nurture a mindset that views exams as a positive challenge, and an opportunity to succeed. Take it on!

5. Get Some Sleep

Getting some good rest the night before an exam has been shown to help students by improving their memory and concentration. A lack of sleep may have a negative impact on mood and the ability to recollect facts too, with more focus on potentially negative thoughts.

Lastly, just remember that, no matter what… your students are all superstars!