How to Get Students to Remember Their Times Tables

Memorising times tables is super important for students. Not only is it a huge help with students’ mathematical progress at primary school, but it can also be a great skill for when they move onto secondary school too.

With the plans for testing Year 6 students on times tables, we thought this would be the perfect time to tell you how we can help both Key Stage 1 and 2 students with them.

We’ve some fantastic resources to not only encourage students to learn them, but also to help with keeping your teaching of them fresh and fun too.

Let’s take a look at our times table resources…

Times Table Bundle

We’ve a huge selection of fantastic content for you to choose from in our Times Table Bundle.

Available in our Maths module, you’ll find three types of content covering the 2 x to the 12 x tables:

  • Times Table Songs: our funky songs will have your students singing their magnificent multiplication facts in no time. We’ve got the whole range to choose from too!
  • Times Table Challenges: our challenges are a super fun way of putting multiplication and division questions to your students.
  • Multiplication and Division Activities: you can even challenge your students to take on either multiplication or division facts too – the choice is yours!

Mental Maths

You can also set a customised mental maths test that focuses on just multiplication to suit your needs with our Mental Maths Topic Tool. It’s a great way to assess your students and give them some fundamental multiplication practice.

Find it by searching ‘Mental Maths’ on EducationCity – it’s available in all years.

PlayLive Multiplication

Our PlayLive Multiplication game is enjoyed by teachers and students worldwide and is great for multiplication practice. It’s a competitive mathematics challenge where students race each other to answer as many multiplication questions as they can in 60 seconds.

It’s a whole lot of fun – give it a go for yourself and see what we’re talking about!

Want to check out our multiplication content above? Simply log in to EducationCity or take a free trial. Have fun multiplication masterminds!