How to Get the Most out of Our Teacher Resources

EducationCity has many helpful resources to support teachers in their teaching and with focusing on their students’ individual learning. SuccessTracker, MyCity, Topic Tools and more… there’s loads of features to help! Today, we’re going take you through how you can get the most out of these teacher resources and how they can save you time.

Lesson planning with MyCity

One fantastic teacher resource is the lesson planning tool, MyCity, which lets you organise your lessons when it suits you. A MyCity lets you add all the EducationCity resources you want in one place and allocate them to your students. But how can you get the most from it?

One way is by sequencing your resources in a MyCity. This lets you control the flow of learning, so your students can build on the knowledge they have gained in a lesson or you can add in a PlayLive challenge at the end as a reward.

Another way is to track your students’ progress by using the Tracking tab in a MyCity. In here, work is automatically marked so you can see individual scores and progress straightaway – fantastic!

Revisit subject areas with SuccessTrackerMyCity

SuccessTracker, our tracking tool, allows you to track students’, groups’ or whole-class progress. This helps with identifying strengths and weaknesses quickly and easily.

You can get the most from this by using it to search for individual students or classes. Then, if you see they may need more progress in a certain subject area, you can add an Activity from SuccessTracker into a MyCity to revisit again – it makes managing progress easy and organised.

Learn Screens, Activities and peripheral content

If you use our engaging Activities, why not use the Learn Screens that are paired with many of them to consolidate learning first? Not only this, many Activities come with peripheral content like Teacher Notes, Lesson Plans, ready-made Activity Sheets to print and more – this means you’ve loads of resources to teach with on individual objectives! To find these resources, just click on an Activity and take a look inside its lightbox.

Personalised learning with MyRevision

Tests are available in Maths, Science and English (England and Scotland). These make fantastic test practice and they assess students on curriculum objectives. However, one way you can make the most of Tests is by using MyRevision alongside them.

After taking a Test, a personalised Revision Journal is generated for students* in MyRevision to help them revise. A range of Activities and Learn Screens are gathered together based on their Test scores so students can focus on improving. They’re perfect for personalised learning, and saving you time searching around for revision resources.

Keep learning going at home with Home Access

Another way to get the most from our teacher resources is to use Home Access. Home Access lets your students access the learning resources on EducationCity at home. It means you can easily set homework with MyCity for students to complete themselves or you can help prevent holiday learning loss by letting them learn in their own time – perfect!

If you want to try any of the teacher resources mentioned above on EducationCity, log in or sign up for a free trial.

*Spelling Tests do not generate a Revision Journal.