Hub School News: Welcome to Springwell Park Primary School!

Not long ago we were giving a warm welcome to Greyfriars Primary School as our newest Hub School. Now, Springwell Park Primary School in Sefton is our newest addition to the Hub School family.

This means that schools in and around the Sefton area will be able to get handy hints and tips from Springwell Park Primary School who will act as their main port of call for everything to do with EducationCity!

Phil Nottingham, Teacher and ICT Coordinator at Springwell Park Primary School, has commented: “we’re extremely excited about becoming an EducationCity Hub School. It will give us the opportunity to share the great things we’re doing with EducationCity in our school with other local schools, as well as providing support and training for our local EducationCity community. Additionally, being able to work closely with the EducationCity team will mean our students will not only benefit from the exciting changes and new content that becomes available but potentially help shape that content as well. We can't wait to get started!”

We’re really excited to work with you more Springwell Park Primary School, and we’re really excited that you’ve joined the Hub School community!

Tell me a bit more about what Hub Schools are…

Hub Schools are designed to be the main port of call for other teachers in the surrounding area to get FREE CPD training and help about all things EducationCity.

This means no long distances to get to training, and training sessions will be organised on a termly basis so teachers will always be right up to date with what’s new.

To find out more info about Hub Schools, or whether your school could be one, just email