Ice Cream Craziness

Hey there buddies,

While out enjoying the lovely weather last week, Stig and Sten came across a rather strange ice cream salesman, who had a very unusual pricing system for his ice creams.

One day, the sticker for his chocolate ice cream fell off the window, so no-one knew what the price should be. If I were to give you a small hint and say it was to do with the letters in the flavours, would you be able to work out what it should have been?

Oce Cream Craziness Puzzle

The first person who replies to THIS blog with the correct answer will get a mention next week.

Got it? If so, why not give us the answer to this really tough problem too? Sten spent £2.50 at the ice cream van and bought 3 different flavoured ice creams in all. Can you tell us which flavours he bought?