Importance of Reading Spaces

Whilst we’re sure lots of schools have them, we’re going to tell you a few reasons why your reading space at school is important for your students.

Develops Literacy Skills

A reading space can help build literacy skills such as sentence structure, punctuation and grammar. This is because, when books are readily available to use, students may be more likely to pick them up and read them, which is fantastic for developing important skills in reading and writing.

Encourages Reading

Spaces designed for reading can also encourage students to read. Not just at school, but at home too. When students have a place to acquire books, they may be more likely to read them, and if borrowing is allowed, they can take them home and carry on their reading away from school too.

Aids Learning & Supports Students

By having a range of books in the reading space that aren’t just fiction, but non-fiction, this can help students with their learning and become interested in certain subjects they may be learning about. For instance, you could be teaching plants and by having a few books on plants in your reading space, students can support their own learning by taking a look at them.

Promotes a Knowledge-Driven Community

Similar to the above point, if students have a certain interest in a subject (this doesn’t have to be about something they’re learning at school), such as space, and books on this subject are available, they can go to the reading space and learn about it. This will promote a knowledge-driven community who want to build their learning, and this outlook is important for their future school studies.

Builds Confidence

When students have an allocated place to go to read a book, such as a reading space, they can develop their confidence with reading too. Reading out loud to families and friends may seem a little daunting at first so a quiet space where children can go to develop their skills is perfect.

Building confidence, gaining knowledge and improving learning… reading spaces are important for students, and they give them skills that they can take with them throughout their lives.