Improve students’ thinking, writing and organisation skills with Mind Map Tool

Check out our brand new Mind Map Topic Tool; it’s a smart and easy way to brainstorm and organise ideas and concepts and revise planning techniques with your class. Mind Map helps teachers to improve students’ thinking, writing and organisation skills. 

Mind Map 1This new Topic Tool allows you to record and display words, ideas and concepts generated by students and organise them in a visual format on an interactive whiteboard or computer. Each idea can be related to others by using a variety of connectors (lines and arrows), by colour and proximity. 

Where can I find Mind Map?

You can find the Mind Map tool in the Literacy and Science modules. The features of the Mind Map tool can be used in a variety of ways to create Mind Maps most suitable to the learning objectives and support learning.

  • mind map 2A built in range of pre-provided templates plus a bank of pre-loaded images that can help you in illustrating processes and exploring ideas. 
  • Zoom and panning – so the teacher can focus in on as little or as much of a particular Mind Map as desired.
  • Printable – use it to print blank or semi-completed graphic organisers for students to work on together or independently

The Literacy and Science Mind Map tools have been released as FREE upgrades to the Literacy and Science modules. Don’t pay hundreds of pounds for similar graphic organiser tools.Give these powerful tools a go today!

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