In the Classroom… 2016 National Curriculum Tests Revision Timetables

The 2016 National Curriculum Tests are on their way, and our Year 6 revision timetables for English and Maths are up and running to help teachers support their students with important revision!

We wanted to show you how helpful St Giles’ Church of England Primary School in Walsall found the revision timetables last year. We’ve spoken to Deputy Headteacher there, Mrs Mavi, about how they helped them in their test preparations.

Here’s what Mrs Mavi said: “Year 6 students at St Giles’ benefitted greatly from using the revision timetables last year.

“The students used them to build fluency, accuracy and the ability to problem-solve across the objectives from the new National Curriculum. We look forward to using them again this year”.

Check out the many benefits that the fantastic revision timetables have:

  • Engaging resources: provides a host of fantastic resources for revision.
  • Two weeks’ worth of learning: there are resources to be completed over 10 days, perfect for holiday learning!
  • Covering National Curriculum topics: these Tests are the first to be based on the newer National Curriculum, and the resources on the timetables cover important curriculum objectives for KS2, ensuring your students have fantastic material for test preparation.

Check out the English and Maths revision timetables for yourself now, and get revising with your students for the 2016 National Curriculum Tests!

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