In the Classroom… 6 Ways to Have Fun with Maths

We’re always on the lookout for ways to engage students and make learning fun. In fact, we’ve been talking to Mrs Redshaw, a teacher from Brooke Hill Academy, about how she uses the Maths module on EducationCity to make learning enjoyable. Here’s what she said:

“Always looking to make learning fun, I turn to EducationCity to help me. The Maths module is fantastic… Possibly my favourite (and the children’s!) part are the songs which help to support the learning of multiplication facts – they sing them if they forget a fact! Oh, and PlayLive is always a hit.”

Let’s see our six quick and easy ways you can make learning maths fun with EducationCity, just like Mrs Redshaw does.

1. PlayLive Maths

One way is by using PlayLive Maths. It’s a mental mathematics challenge, where students race to answer as many questions as they can in 60 seconds. You can play against classmates or students worldwide in challenges involving addition, subtraction, multiplication or division – give it a go!

2. Magnificent Motivators

Another way to make maths fun is by using rewards. Who doesn’t love a little incentive? You could offer our fab stickers, the ‘Well Done!’ or ‘Great Work’ certificates or even a game of PlayLive Maths for any work done.

3. Activities

EducationCity’s Activities are a great way to learn maths. They’re fun, colourful, animated resources that can be used to work through concepts on the interactive whiteboard or for individual/group learning. What’s more, all scores are marked automatically – saving you time.

4. Activity Sheets

Alongside Activities, don’t forget our Activity Sheets. These appear for many Activities on EducationCity and are ready to print off and use – they’re fun to use and add a different element to learning.

5. Use Real Life Examples

To engage students with maths even more, and make learning it fun, you could use real life examples. You could use baking, cooking, telling the time, checking temperatures or even using money to show students how maths is all around us.

6. Use Sing-Alongs

Get your class singing! On EducationCity, the Times Tables Songs bring multiplication to life and with their easy to remember lyrics and tunes, they make the times tables interesting and improve recall skills.

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