In the Classroom… Maths

Addition, subtraction, multiplication… Maths is such a fantastic subject! With EducationCity’s Maths module and its wealth of curriculum-ready Maths content, schools can access loads of great maths resources to help them learn really important mathematical concepts.

Teacher’s View: Maths Module

We’ve been speaking to Miss Cook, teacher at Greyfriars Primary School in Norfolk, about how they use the Maths content on EducationCity.

“As a school we are using the Maths Tests and personalised Revision Journals that come from them. They enable students to fill in gaps efficiently, and whilst they can always ask an adult for help if they need it, they get independence and a sense of ownership over their learning from them.

“As a class, we also use the Charts Topic Tool! It has enabled the children to get a good grasp of statistics. The children will choose to make their own charts now in free choice time too. The one below is our most recently saved one for World Book Day 2016.”

That’s fantastic, Miss Cook!

Now It’s Your Turn…

Why not use EducationCity’s Maths content too? Here are three great pieces of Maths content to explore:

  • Charts Topic Tool: like Miss Cook, with this tool, your class have a range of charts to use at your fingertips! It saves time too; preparation for statistics lessons is made easy.
  • PlayLive Maths: this arithmetic learning activity encourages quick recall skills and is loads of fun for students, not to mention teachers too!
  • Times Table Bundle: here, you can find EducationCity’s fab Times Table Songs in one place – it’s really handy for answering to the new curriculum requirements.

There’s so much more to explore in the maths module! If your school doesn’t have EducationCity, you can try out the Maths content by clicking here for a free trial.