In the Classroom… Monitoring Students’ Progress with EducationCity

Ever wondered how you can effectively monitor your students’ progress? We’ve a number of time-saving features that make tracking progress and assessing students level of understanding even easier than before!

Phil Nottingham, teacher at Springwell Park Primary School, tells us about one of our tracking tools, SuccessTracker, and how he uses it in his classroom: “I can follow my students’ progress at a glance and by using a tracking tool called SuccessTracker. It allows me to delve further into students’ answers meaning I can address misconception either by tweaking the order of activities the students are accessing, or by direct teaching intervention.”

Let’s tell you more about SuccessTracker – here are our top 3 ways to track students’ progress on EducationCity…

Our Top 3 Ways to Monitor Your Students’ Progress

I want to view my students’ progress

EducationCity's SuccessTracker allows you to track individual student, group or whole-class progress and scores. Each student's progress is automatically marked and recorded, meaning you can identify strengths and weaknesses quickly and easily. 

Check out our fab SuccessTracker Snippet! This handy PDF will help you with tracking your students’ scores.

I want to assess my students’ performance

Tests are great for assessing student performance and to practise test techniques. You can monitor students' results from each Activity or Test that is recorded. 

I want to help my students improve on their individual weaknesses

If 100% has not been scored, a MyRevision Journal is generated for students after taking a Test to help them revise and improve. A range of Activities and Learn Screens are pulled together based on their previous test scores so students can focus on areas of improvement.

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