In the Classroom… Phonics

Welcome to this month's 'In the Classroom…' – the series that shows you how other teachers are using EducationCity.

Today, we'll focus on phonics and how Greyfriars Primary School in Norfolk uses our phonics area. With the Phonics Screening Check coming up, there couldn't be a better time to talk about it!

Miss Cook, teacher at Greyfriars Primary School, said: “We use the phonics area a lot, in daily phonics sessions as a whole class, and also as catch-up material in small groups with a teaching assistant or as individual practice work.

“The range of phonics work available means that all of the children look like they are doing the same level of work, thus giving my lower ability children more confidence in what they are doing.”

All About the Phonics Area…

EducationCity's phonics area helps students learn all about the sounds that make up words as well as spelling and decoding them.

To make sure your students have what they need to learn all areas of phonics, we have three programmes available – Letters and Sounds, Jolly Phonics and Read Write.

Where can I find the phonics content?

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Simply go to the English/Literacy module and select the relevant level for your region:

  • England: F2 & Year 1
  • Scotland: Early*, Early** & Early***
  • Wales: Nursery & Reception
  • N. Ireland: Pre-School & P1

Phonics Screening Check: Here's How We Can Help

The Phonics Screening Check tests Year 1 students on how well they can use the phonics skills they've learnt. It's compulsory, so it's important teachers have the right tools to prepare their students.

That's where we can help! EducationCity's Phonics Screening Check Topic Tool is great for:

  • giving students the practice they need for test prep
  • getting them used to the format.

To find it, go into the English module and select these year groups:

  • England: Year 1 and 2

How You Can Teach Flexibly with the Phonics Area…

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Just like Miss Cook said, EducationCity lets you teach flexibly – see how:

  • Whiteboard: engage your students and use EducationCity as a whole class.
  • Laptops: individuals or small groups can use EducationCity too; this makes it easier for one-to-one teaching or for Teaching Assistants to focus on a student.
  • Tablets and smartphones: with the Puffin Academy app, individuals can use it too!

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