In the Classroom… PlayLive

We’ve been in touch with Mr. Chambers, a teacher from Brierley Forest Primary School in Nottinghamshire, who is also one of our Hub School teachers!

Mr. Chambers has been telling us all about PlayLive and that’s why we’re going to be focussing on it here.

Here’s what Mr. Chambers said: “PlayLive is an area that is fantastic fun for the children. They love competing against children from other schools and I love the fact that they don’t even realise they are learning whilst playing!”

What’s PlayLive?

  • PlayLive is available in Maths, English and French: it allows your students to compete against other children worldwide in a safe environment where identities are never shared.
  • Timed, competitive environments: Students can practise their arithmetic, spelling and French knowledge against the clock!
  • Fun learning: on PlayLive, your students can have fun whilst learning fundamental skills that can help them.

How do I get PlayLive?

It’s simple… just visit the Maths, English and French modules!*

Top tip! Remember, you could put any of the PlayLive challenges into a Classwork or Homework MyCity, and Sequence it, so that your students can have it as an end of class activity, or as a reward for finishing work!

Check out PlayLive with your class now! Log in to EducationCity by clicking here.

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