In the Classroom… Tests

We’ve been in touch with Mr. Chambers, a teacher from Brierley Forest Primary School in Nottinghamshire, who’s also one of our Hub School teachers!

Mr. Chambers has been talking to us about our curriculum-ready Tests on EducationCity and how he uses them at the start of the academic year.

So we thought what better time than now to tell you a bit more about what Mr. Chambers said: “Get your class to undertake the Tests at the start of the year. EducationCity automatically selects activities for individual children to complete based on their weaknesses, which were identified whilst taking the Tests. These are placed within a Revision Journal in MyRevision for easy access.”

What are Tests?

Tests are great for assessing your students’ performance and helping them practise their exam technique. You can monitor students’ results from each Test taken and help them to improve by reviewing the Show Corrections area.

  • Track progress: scores from Tests are automatically marked which saves you time – you can view all your Students’ scores in SuccessTracker to see how they’re doing – great for comparing progress at the start and end of the academic year.
  • Preparing for assessments: they’re great for preparing your students for upcoming assessments and getting them more familiar with a test environment.
  • Revision Journals: a Revision Journal is generated for each Test taken which includes Learn Screens and Activities based on the Test score – it’s perfect for improving students’ progress and is really personalised!

Top tip! You can see your Students’ Revision Journals to check what they have to revise – just click on a Test score on SuccessTracker to do this.

Check out Tests now – you can find them in selected year groups! Log in to EducationCity by clicking here.