In the Classroom… ThinkIts

What are ThinkIts?

To encourage critical thinking in the classroom, we’ve a range of ThinkIts which are cross-curricular and teacher-led. ThinkIts are designed to challenge students and elicit their higher-order thinking skills.

We’ve been speaking to Miss Casey, teacher at Barking Abbey School, who’s been telling us all about how she uses ThinkIts in her classroom.

Here’s what she said: “ThinkIts are a great way of starting the lesson, so as soon as students walk into the room, they are being challenged. They also develop team working skills as quite often I put the students into groups to solve the ThinkIt. The vast range on offer makes them very flexible too!”

Thanks Miss Casey, we love ThinkIts too!

Here’re some handy tips on using ThinkIts in the classroom:

  • Great as a lesson starter: to inspire creative thinking for the rest of the lesson.
  • Fantastic for group/class work: put them up on the whiteboard, or use the Print option (like Miss Casey does) to encourage students to work together and build skills.
  • Search for a specific ThinkIt or choose ‘Random’: filter your search if you know there’s a ThinkIt you like or simply choose ‘Random’.

Where can I find ThinkIts?

EducationCity has ThinkIts throughout every subject so all you need to do is go to the Curriculum Map or click on a subject to find them!

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