In the Classroom… Using Learn Screens for Revision Practice

Activities, Topic Tools, ThinkIts and more… EducationCity has a fantastic range of content types to help teachers with teaching to different learning styles in the classroom, and for making learning really engaging and enjoyable.

We’re about to focus on the Learn Screens though, and how they’re great for revision practice, especially for tests – not to mention a whole lot of fun too!

What are Learn Screens?

Learn Screens help students to gain a thorough understanding of a topic. They are great as a lesson starter or for students to use independently.

Elin, a student from Park Road Sale Primary School, says: “My favourite things are the Learn Screens. If you watch them first before your games they can help you understand what it is about.”

Thanks Elin! Now we know Elin loves them – let’s see three super reasons why Learn Screens are great for revision practice…

  • Helps with grasping concepts: Learn Screens are great for giving students understanding of a concept – they take students through concepts step-by-step so they’re great for learning with.
  • Helps with mastery: they also help to master concepts too because students can go through them at their own pace – perfect for understanding concepts before tests.
  • A fun way to learn: not only all this, they’re really bright and engaging, and you can hang out with Sten, Stig, Manu and Klara, so your students should really have a great time learning!

Here are three English, Maths and Science tablet-friendly Learn Screens you could try out to see just what we mean about why they help – give them a search on EducationCity…


Shape Spin – Identify the names and attributes of circles, squares, triangles, rectangles, quadrilaterals, pentagons, octagons and hexagons.

  • England: Year 2
  • Scotland: First *
  • Wales: Reception
  • N. Ireland: P1Science Resources


To Edit or Not to Edit 1 – How to evaluate and edit a piece of text by changing the word order within a sentence.

  • England: Year 3 & 4
  • Scotland: First ** & First ***
  • Wales: Year 3 & 4
  • N. Ireland: P5


Solar Spinners – Explore the movement of the planets in the solar system, including time to orbit, rotation time and the tilt of their axis.

  • England: Year 5
  • Scotland: Second *
  • Wales: Year 5
  • N. Ireland: P6

If you don’t have EducationCity at school, to give the Learn Screens a go for yourself and see how they’re great for revision practice, sign up for a free trial.