Inside EC: a staff preview

Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at Well, we have decided to give you a sneak glimpse behind closed doors.

Some very forthcoming members of staff from each of our departments have shared a few little nuggets of information about themselves to help you build up a picture of the rather brilliant mechanism that drives! We start this week with our Producers Department featuring…

Name: Dean

Department: Development

Job Role: Producer

Favourite character and why? Manu. Just as my favourite was Donatello when I was a lad, I guess I just like the clever ones who wear purple.

Favourite Subject? Literacy officially, Science unofficially

Best PlayLive score? Ooh, can't remember that.  A million?

An unusual fact about yourself…? I can, at will, put my right shoulder out of socket.

Anything else interesting you would like to share…? Without intending to, I’ve managed to visit the graves of both Christopher Columbus (in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic) and Vasco de Gama (in Kochi, India). I can tell the difference between crows, jackdaws, rooks and ravens at distance. I can do a good pigeon impression. In getting here, I've written 16,000 words about British Marxist historians, and 20,000 words about the modern history of a river and its fishery. I play in a band, am running a marathon, and I'm addicted to biscuits.