Inspire Reading Among Your Students

Let’s go!

Choose Their Own Book

Let your students choose a book that they’d like to read and it may help boost their reading skills. As they are likely to choose a book that appeals to them, they are more likely to read it on a regular basis and develop their reading and comprehension. Having a vast range of different genres and themes in your classroom library will ensure there’s something for everyone.

Reading Buddies

To help students develop their reading, they might find it comforting to be able to hold something cuddly or furry whilst they are reading to themselves, or even to the whole class.

You could keep a box of cuddly toys in your classroom for students to choose from when it’s time to read, as we think it’s a great way to help students’ build confidence.

Awesome Craft Bookmarks

Bookmarks are super handy and there are so many out there to choose from! Of course, an alternative could be for students to make their own.

If your students would like to make their own bookmarks, we’d suggest taking a look at Pinterest for some craft inspiration. With so many ideas on there, we’re pretty sure your students’ imaginations are bound to run wild!

To give you a little inspiration, take a look at our Monster Bookmarks pack we’ve created.

Don’t forget you’ll find a range of content on EducationCity to support your students with their reading! Let’s take you through some of our KS1 and KS2 English module Activities…

Find the content by putting the Content ID number in the Search tool on EducationCity.

KS1English Activity

Park and Read: #32388 – Predict what might happen on the basis of what has been read so far. Identify characters, settings and major events in a story (‘A Day at the Park’).

A Day in the Park: #25756 – Read extracts from the story and answer the questions.

Head in the Clouds: #26677 – Read the words in the clouds and listen to the words you need to select.


Fact Finder: #12369 – Explore the issue of school expansion through reading a range of texts.

Brothers Grimm: #1749 – Practise pre-reading strategies and answer a variety of comprehension questions about non-fiction texts.

In Character: #1808 – Read fictional passages. Identify and describe main characters’ traits, motivations and feelings.

We hope you enjoyed a few of our ideas to inspire reading in the classroom. Please do get in touch with us @EducationCity if you have any suggestions!