Investigating Living Things and Their Habitats

Animals can be found everywhere and they all have their own needs to help them survive in their habitat.

Why not plan some activities outside and explore the area of a nearby pond, or take a look in the playground and see if any insects or animals can be found? Afterwards, you could ask students to consider where the creatures live and the type of habitat they live in.

Let’s explore some of our Science Activities on the theme which you can use too…Science


  • Leap Frog: #690 – Learn the sequential stages of a frog’s life cycle.
  • Flutter and Fly: #689 – Follow a butterfly through its natural life cycle.


Key Stage 1

  • Gone Astray: #555 – Identify the correct habitat for the given animal.
  • Animal Homes: #533 – Identify the correct habitat for each animal.
  • Wild Woods: #1093 – Learn all about animals and the environments they live in, what they eat and the places they can be found.


Lower Key Stage 2

  • The Huntress: #561 – Identify what is eaten by selecting the producer, the prey or the predator.


Upper Key Stage 2

  • Animal Rescue: #1651 – Understand that animals are suited to their own habitat.
  • Search for Life: #694 – Identify the different features within animal and plant cells.


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