It’s all about Manu

It’s week two of our sneak peek into the fascinating world of our characters with Manu in the spotlight!Manu the Scientist

Manu is our budding scientist. Fascinated by science; from the oldest rocks to the newest robots, Manu will find it intriguing and just have to study it. If ever his friends have a question, Manu will be the one with the answer. He really is a fountain of knowledge.

He loves to get hands-on with practical projects and will find any excuse to get building. So if you want to find Manu, try his lab where he will most probably be constructing an exciting contraption. He is a quiet and considered character always deep in thought; but when the group find themselves in a crisis Manu shines, being the one to remain calm and lead the group out of trouble. He has a great sense of humour, is a very reliable friend and favourite of many in the office!

This time next week catch Stig in the spotlight.