It’s all about Sten!

We thought you and your class might like to know more about your favourite characters, so we have compiled a series of intimate biographies into giving you a sneak peek into their fascinating worlds! Sten

A sneak peek into Sten's world …

Those who know Sten know that he LOVES food. From bananas to biscuits, pineapples to pizza, Sten wants to eat it all! His mischievous side shows when he's forever thinking of naughty ideas to get to food that's not his. Unfortunately for Sten, he is so clumsy that his plans always go wrong! 

As well as eating food, Sten also enjoys cooking it. He is also talented at art, loves magic and is always ready for a new adventure. Leading a busy life, all of these activities mean Sten can get tired and is known for his afternoon naps where he dreams about food and being a famous magician. 

Sten’s very best friend is Stig. When we spoke to Stig he let us into a secret, Sten has a secret crush on Rosa. Shhh… you mustn’t tell!

Watch out for the rest of our character updates every week from now until Christmas!