It’s all about Stig!

Stig is one of our most popular characters. Confident, competitive and the know-it-all of the group is how we would sum him up.Stig

An alpha male, Stig champions on winning at everything he tries his hand at and of which he most often succeeds at. From skateboarding to basketball, football to racing, Stig is a sports fanatic. His daring and ambitious nature means he's always trying to achieve new records; from the hat trick goal scorer in a match to mastering the highest skateboard jump. 

Stig may come across as a bit of a show off at times but that’s because he likes everyone to see him at his best. He is extremely loyal and protective and is always looking out for his friends (who all forgive him for his moments of boasting). Stig places himself as the leader of the group, but not without competition from feisty Klara who will fight him for this role.

Next up in our character profile series is the feisty Klara. How would you describe her?