It’s Anti-Bullying Week

It’s Anti-Bullying Week this week (19th-23rd November) and the theme this year is … “We’re better without bullying”.

The campaign aims to shine a light on how bullying undermines young people’s achievements, whether it be academically, in sport or in other extra-curricular activities that children should be free to enjoy.

We know that bullying can lead to children missing school, failing exams, dropping out of sport, staying away from extra-curricular activities, and so limit their life choices.

The week is now in its 10th year in England and provides an excellent opportunity for schools, colleges, young people’s clubs and organisations – in fact everyone who works with children – to take a stand against bullying in all its forms, and stamp it out.

Together we can make it clear that we do not accept bullying in our schools, clubs and teams, and create environments where all children can develop their skills and talents.