It’s Only a Month Until Space Day!

Space is a huge subject and covers planets, space travel and even creatures that may or may not be out there. To celebrate the event with your students, take a look at our Space Day Resource pack, which includes a whole range of Fact Sheets, Lesson Plans and Activity Sheets on the theme – fantastic!

If you’d like to take a look at the pack, you can download it here.

Whilst we’re on the topic of space, let’s take you through some of our KS2 (or your region’s equivalent) Science resources

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ThinkItsThe Sun ThinkIt

Moon Phases: #13937 – Name the different phases of the Moon.

The Sun: #15018 – Work with a partner to list as many facts as you can about the Sun.

Learn Screens

Thinking Space: #22407 – Explore key vocabulary used when discussing space.

Star Tours: #22533 – Look at the planets in order and explore key facts about them.

Around the World: #14829 – How we can deduce that the Sun, Earth and Moon are approximately spherical bodies. 

Mission to Mars: #19956 – See how scientific evidence can be collated to draw conclusions and support predictions.

ActivitiesStar Tours Learn Screen

Outer Space: #1116 – Understand the concept of gravity and know that it can be measured.

Solar Stroller: #699 – Identify the position of the planets and Pluto within the Solar System.

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