It’s Poetry Friday!

Did anybody celebrate World Poetry Day in their classroom on Wednesday? The aim of this great day is to promote the reading, writing and teaching of poetry. However, as it is Friday, we have decided to have an Poetry Day!’s  Business Development Manager, Stuart, has written his very own poem for today. His poem is called Is This Spring? and can be found in Year 6 on the Teleprompter Tool for one day only! You'll find a few others poets and authors featured on the Teleprompter Tool too, such as Robert Burns, Lewis Carroll, Rudyard Kipling and Edward Lear.       

How about letting your pupils make their own poems and put it on the Teleprompter Tool to read aloud to their fellow classmates! We hope they have a great Poetry Friday and enjoy using the Teleprompter tool.

Recently, we had a Teleprompter Tool suggestion from Mr Daglish at FerryHill Station Primary School about how to use the Teleprompter Tool outside the classroom. He suggested putting songs for assemblies on it. How many of you do this?

The Teleprompter Tool can be found in:

  • England: Year 1 and up
  • Scotland: First ** and up
  • Wales: Year 1 and up
  • Northern Ireland: P3 and up