It’s St. Patrick’s Day!

    Hey there buddies,

Have you spotted any leprechauns yet, any shamrocks, or anything else Irish? Well, keep a look out because it’s St. Patrick’s Day today, the day we celebrate everything from the beautiful Emerald Isle!
The celebrations are already in full swing around the world, so we thought we’d join in with our competition-winning limerick from … drumroll please … Bridgewater 0. Here is it:

There was a young boy from Towcester
Who really was a big boaster
He said he always scored 10
Even when playing on Big Ben
When he was all of a fluster!


We had lots of fabulous entries, but unfortunately many from anonymous authors, but Bridgewater 0‘s really appealled to the judges’ sense of humour. 
Bridgewater wins 3 months’ extra subscription added onto his/her account. Well done, Bridgewater 0!