It’s the Tour de France!

Hi there buddies!

It's that time of year again when the world's most famous cycling race takes place. The Tour de France started all the way back in 1903! This year, it began on Saturday, July 5th in Leeds, here in the United Kingdom, and will finish on Saturday, July 27th in Paris! That's 21 days of intense cycling covering an impressive distance of 3,664 kilometres which is a huge 2,276.7 miles! 

Last year, the Tour de France was won by Chris Froome.

Seeing as the Tour de France is taking place, Stig has decided to get his bike and go cycling in London. He's got his helmet and protective pads ready to ensure that he is safe.

But Stig has a problem. He doesn't know which is the right route to take to get to the park.

Follow lines A, B, C and D to help Stig decide which route he should take.




The first person to reply to THIS blog with the right answer will get a special mention next week!