Join Our FREE Teacher-Delivered CPD Training Webinar for a Personalised CPD Certificate


Our Education Consultant, Haylie Taylor, who has over ten years of teaching experience, will deliver our webinar, meaning you’ll get a teacher’s insight into using EducationCity in the classroom.

What is the webinar about?

The webinar will cover the cycle of assessing, planning, learning and reviewing with EducationCity, and we’ll cover many helpful tips and features to use in your classroom.


Firstly, we will explore the assessments that we have in the core subjects. We will cover how you can allocate these to your students and how they can be used for formative, summative or end-of-unit testing.


Next, we’ll explore ‘MyCities’. We will cover how you can use the data you have received from the completed assessments to set up lessons and support gaps. We will also explore the Curriculum Map and how it is ideal for ensuring the resources your students are accessing are aligned to particular objectives you wish to target.


We know students learn in different ways, and we also know teachers like to teach in different ways, so we can take you through our features and show you how each type can suit your varying needs. With over 6,000 resources to choose from, we have many options.

We will also be exploring our Revision Journals. Haylie will show how these are ideal for personalised learning and home learning.


Lastly, we will explore the reporting and progress-tracking tools within EducationCity. We will go over ‘SuccessTracker’ and how it helps you see where gaps may lie and how the reports can help with SLT meetings or parents’ evenings.

Fundamentally, this webinar is ideal for helping you in your classroom and aims to give you valuable insights into supporting your teaching with EducationCity.

When is the webinar taking place?

We’re holding our CPD training webinar on 10th November at 3:45 pm.

How do I register?

You can register by signing up to this link here – the webinar will be hosted on Zoom.

What do I receive for attending?

When you attend this webinar, you will be asked to fill in a survey three weeks after it is held to show us what you have learned and if it has helped you. From here, and provided we have all we need, we’ll issue you with a personalised CPD certificate, which is ideal in counting towards your CPD hours. This applies for both teachers who subscribe to EducationCity and those who do not.

What if I use EducationCity every day – is this webinar still relevant to me?

Yes, it is designed for everyone, including those who use EducationCity regularly or not. We are sure you will find insights from this webinar, perhaps something you did not know. You’ll also receive a personalised CPD certificate.

What if I don’t subscribe to EducationCity?

Overall, this webinar will give teachers the opportunity for CPD training and insight into the tools you can use within EducationCity from a teacher’s perspective. Whether your school uses EducationCity or not, Haylie’s experience means that the webinar can give you valuable teaching ideas and a professional view of how you can use our resources. If you would like to join us, please register for our webinar here. If you don’t currently subscribe to the product, not to worry, we can activate a free trial for you here.