Keep Learning Alive during the Easter Break with EducationCity’s Home Access

The Easter break provides an opportunity for students to have well-deserved time away from school. However, research has found that as many as one in three students can regress academically because of a prolonged break from their learning environments*.

That’s why we offer you the opportunity to allow your students to access EducationCity away from school. By enabling EducationCity’s Home Access, students can retain their learning throughout the break and learning loss can be minimised, which is particularly important in the core subject areas of Reading and Maths.

Other benefits of Home Access include:

  • Anytime, anywhere access – students can complete tasks whilst having valuable holiday time.
  • Flexibility – you can set your students specific work or allow them to freely explore all of the resources your school subscribes to by themselves.
  • Encourages parental engagement – it allows parents to engage with their child’s learning and also means that you and parents can track their progress.

What’s more, with the new MySuccess feature, students can review their latest and best scores from Tests and Activities they have taken. The ‘Play Again’ button means students can compete against themselves, bolstering their involvement in their learning and their responsibility for their own progress over the break.

To find out more about Home Access, how you can get it for your school or how it can benefit your students, call on 01572 725080 or email

Hints and Tips: How We Recommend Using EducationCity’s Home Access

1. Set Homework MyCities – create a list of Activities and Tests that students can complete whilst on their break. Remember, MyRevision Journals are generated for every Test taken and will refresh automatically meaning students’ will constantly be able to work on their weakest areas of knowledge.

2. Set a PlayLive challenge – make students aware of the engaging and interactive PlayLive Maths, English or French challenges to stimulate their learning.

3. Mind Map Topic Tool – allow students to plan and write a story during their break with our Mind Map Literacy Topic Tool.

* Entwisle, D., K. Alexander and L. Olson, ‘Summer Learning and Home Environment’, in ‘A Notion at Risk: Preserving Public Education as an Engine for Social Mobility’, ed. by R. Kahlenberg (New York: Century Foundation Press, 2000).